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“An African success story.” ‒ Lonely Planet.

A large expanse of wild, open wilderness will take time and effort to enjoy, but those who do will surely be made rich by the experience. With vast open savannas teeming with wildlife, Botswana is truly the Africa of your dreams.


  • From the depths of poverty, since its independence Botswana has transformed itself into a middle income economy.
  • The country now boasts an economic stability unrivalled by an country except for South Africa in the sub-Saharan part of the continent.
  • The country now relies on its resources as a way to generate growth but the country is moving towards industry diversification which is bringing ancillary industries to the fore.
  • Tourism and Manufacturing are growing, and so is the Financial Services Arena.

Job prospects:

  • Industry in Botswana previously has mainly been derived from Diamonds with De Beers having its major mining operations here.
  • The richness of Botswana attracts a large expat workforce, meaning consultants need to be on hand to guide them.


  • A country of rich resources, minerals such as diamonds, gold and copper abound.
  • 85% of the country is covered by the Kalahari Desert, a semi-arid expanse of sandy valleys.
  • Botswana has diverse areas of wildlife habitat, especially in the thriving grasslands.
  • The Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve are major tourist destinations.
  • Climate is warm with sunny skies all year round.


  • Botswana music is mostly vocal but also makes great use of string instruments.
  • Women of this country are also well known for their skills in at crafting baskets from Mokola Palm and local dyes. Textile art is also widespread.
  • Football dominates as the most popular sport in Botswana.
  • 70% of the country’s population consider themselves Christian.


  • Despite the country’s sparse population, the transport system is quite well developed.
  • An "inner circle" highway connects all major towns and district capitals.
  • There are plenty of car hire companies from which to take you pick but they are most certainly a luxury item.
  • The government-owned Air Botswana has international flights available to Johannesburg, South Africa; Mbabane, Swaziland; and Harare, Zimbabwe.

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