How to a manage a good work-life balance

20 Jun 2018

work-life balanceJuggling your job and personal life efficiently is always easier said than done. Even if you are a freelancer with greater control of your hours, it can be harder to separate your work hours and time devoted to other aspects of your life. Here are some tips that will help you do just that:

-    Make it a point to add enjoyable activities to your week’s schedule
The best way to recharge and not allow yourself to feel that work consumes your every hour, is to create and stick to plans you enjoy. Put time aside before or after your work hours to dedicate time to doing the things which bring you happiness and peace. For instance: meeting friends, spending time with family, paying importance to your hobbies, booking an occasional weekend getaway. With that said, you do not need to enforce the routinely schedule. It is perfectly fine to focus more on work on some days and have more energy to go out with loved ones on others. The key to a satisfying balance is remaining open and flexible to changing plans according to your needs.

-    Say no to draining activities
Plans or activities that you do not look forward to or that may tire you, should be eliminated. To allow yourself proper time to destress, be picky of what you pack your after-work hours with – and prioritise your needs. This applies to your work-life too, but if you do not enjoy most of your work, you may want to switch job… or finding the right balance will be unachievable. If you are asked to do something extra at work and are unsure about the toll that may have on you and your productivity, say you’ll think about it later.

-    Rid yourself of social media
An obstacle to face when separating your work and relaxation is dealing with incoming calls and emails which show no sign of stopping past the 9 to 5. Turning off devices or answering by saying you’ll get back to the caller in due time, will help greatly. In addition to this, turning off automated alerts is always a plus; so therefore, do not be afraid to unplug. It’s vital.

-    Control your online identity
A good way of differentiating between your work and personal life and avoiding being contacted for work-related queries at unnecessary times, is to keep your online personal identity and business profile separate. Keep LinkedIn for work-related purposes, and Facebook for friends, for example.