Most sought after jobs in the business sector

28 May 2019

infoJobs in business are becoming increasingly popular, with a degree in business studies ranking among the top most valued qualifications among employers. Even so, not all of the jobs listed below require a bachelor’s degree. Here are four of the most in-demand jobs and career paths in business:

-    Accountant
Accountants play a significant role in businesses, helping them thrive through the maintenance of financial records and upkeep of relevant documentation, as well as the calculation of taxes. Accountants are a key element of any business, hence why the job is so greatly sought after, but they are especially needed to keep companies up to date with changes in financial regulations.

-    Market Research Analyst
In order to market their products successfully, businesses must have a good grasp of what consumers are looking for. This is where market research analysts come in, who help companies target their audience with effective marketing strategies. The role entails extensive research, an understanding of demographics and statistics and advanced mathematical skills.

-    Management Analyst
Management analysis, being one of the highest paid roles in business, helps companies handle and improve their finances. Analysts will seek out measures that can be implemented to reduce expenditures and boost a company’s figures; and more and more businesses are beginning to realise the importance of offering this role in their workforce. The role often demands higher qualifications than some other roles in the industry, although courses in business management, accounting or marketing are all helpful in order to acquire it.  

-    Financial Manager
Financial managers are primarily responsible for analysing and boosting a company’s finances. The role is a varied one; from conducting market research and conjuring creative approaches to build profits, to overseeing investments and advising senior staff members on managing their finances to the best of their ability. This role, which often requires a bachelor’s degree in a related area, rewards with an especially high salary.  

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