Moving country can be great for your career – here’s how

03 Sep 2019

Relocating to another country for work purposes is no longer reserved for the privileged – nowadays, young people all across the globe are choosing to experience the work environment overseas. 

For some, however, the idea of moving country and restructuring most of one’s life can seem too challenging. It is not the easier option, no – but the outcome can be the most beneficial. Here’s all you need to know: 

  • Bureaucratic procedures

Bureaucracy is generally the hurdle many tend to struggle with. However, moving to another country has never been easier than it is today, with global connections constantly expanding. Thankfully, the internet makes it very easy to research the required documentation for your chosen destination, and your new employer can also help sort some of the necessities. 

  • Finances

It is true, making the move requires some spending initially – but it is very likely that the new chosen destination will allow you to generate more money in the long term, as this is generally a big factor most take into consideration before making any final decisions. Higher overall salaries and greater work opportunities are what your new country or city should offer, while the cost of living and work benefits should also be taken into account. You might be surprised to find how much you actually spend on healthcare costs and a gym membership, which some companies offer to pay up! 

  • Languages

Moving to certain places may require learning a new language. Worry not, as not only will this be an interesting step, but it will also benefit your career in the future. Employers often admire candidates who dedicate the time to learning a new language, even if the language itself is not a necessity on the role. If possible, focus your efforts on an internationally renowned language, such as English, French, Chinese or German. 

  • Accommodation

Some employers offer assistance with finding a place of residence, but if they do not, you should opt to look for a place to stay in advance and if possible, visit the place prior to moving in. Some choose to rent out an Airbnb while they view the apartments, which could be an ideal solution for you.