Ways to leave a good first impression at work

04 Jan 2019

workingIt’s your first day at the job, and the excitement is hard to contain. Yet you feel nervous, too – and the need to leave a positive, lasting first impression on your boss and colleagues feels particularly important. Understandably so, too. Your words and general mannerisms will be paid attention to. After all, as they say, “you never get a second chance at making a first impression”.


We are providing some tips which can help you control the way you portray yourself and get noticed for the right reasons:


-    Show up on time
Nobody appreciates a latecomer. Arriving past the expected time automatically provides an unideal impression, as it can hint at poor time management skills and could be interpreted as a regular habit.

-    Dress appropriately
Ensure that you are abiding by the company dress code – if there is one. However, even if a dress code is not enforced, it would be wise to show up in clean and tidy clothing as opposed to a pair of scruffy jeans and tennis shoes to match.

-    Use the right etiquette
Office etiquette is one of the first traits that your colleagues ought to notice. This refers to practicing a firm handshake, greeting others and addressing them in the right way, as well as remembering your colleagues’ names. Knowing how to answer your office telephone professionally is another important point.

-    Make the effort to get along well with colleagues
Arguments in the office can result in a very tense and uncomfortable environment. You are unlikely to get along with each one of your colleagues, but keeping it professional is key nonetheless. Avoid discussing controversial topics such as your own personal beliefs and remember to always give credit when credit is due. Remember, working with others requires tolerance and respect.

-    Maintain a positive attitude
People will remember you by your general mood and approach to situations. Proving that you are able to deal with challenging situations is extremely important. A positive energy is always contagious!