What not to bring up in the workplace

22 Jul 2019

workWorking in an office entails understanding boundaries and what should or should not be discussed with co-workers. Many of your colleagues will not share your same views on controversial topics, and discussing some of these can ignite tension or awkwardness in the workplace – two feelings you certainly will not want to experience with people you interact with on the daily!

-    Politics
Political views vary greatly and are always a risky subject, not solely in the workplace. Some of your co-workers are bound to have completely different political beliefs to your own, so there is no use in attempting to change others’ opinions – ensure you respect theirs! Although some are able to openly discuss politics, others tend to get riled up at the mention of it, so steer clear of initiating this discussion in the workplace.

-    Religion
Even though openly engaging in discussions related to religion is healthy, it should be avoided in the workplace. Religion can be a very meaningful topic for some, and many people are sensitive about it. Keep any judgment out of the office – negative thoughts on another’s beliefs should be kept silent.

-    Personal problems
The workplace is not an appropriate place to discuss your personal life. Some colleagues may use personal details to undermine your position at work, even if you would never expect it. Moreover, discussing personal problems may give off the impression that you are distracted or unable to complete work to the highest standard.

-    Salaries
Discussing salary differences may anger those who earn less and could create a feeling of resentment or jealousy among colleagues, so it is important that this topic is avoided altogether.

-    Career roles
Having career aspirations is great, but keep the talk to a minimum. You will certainly not benefit from your boss thinking you might switch position anytime soon, and colleagues may also feel the need to compete for your aspiring role. If you are eager to boost your current position, work hard and let actions speak for themselves.