Reasons why you should pursue a career in finance

25 Mar 2019

graphFinance is an exciting, yet challenging area of work that entices plenty of students today. Even though it can be a tough career path to break into, there are many fantastic advantages that make it worthwhile. We are compiling some of the benefits that come with choosing to work in finance:

-    It is exciting, yet stable
Few careers can promise both these perks. Working in finance is bound to keep you on your toes – there are several challenges that will require your perseverance, hard work and motivation to keep going – and one can guarantee you will never be bored! It is also a secure and stable career path, however. Seeing as finance forms part of one’s daily life, the sector is and will remain to be an in-demand career path. You need not be worried about its chance of survival in a decade or two, and you also have the option of switching cities and companies comfortably, without the need to worry about finding a job in the sector overseas.

-    Many career opportunities await
Jobs in finance vary, thanks to the abundance of different career options in the sector. There are several different routes you can take when specialising in finance, meaning the sector is anything but limited – especially with the recent increase in fintech jobs, thanks to the everchanging world of technology.

-    There is always more room for growth
The financial sector is always growing and bringing about innovative opportunities for employees, especially for those who are eager to continue advancing their education. This field is one that allows plenty of room for growth, which only adds on to the exciting work environment.

-    It boasts a high-earning potential
The financial services guarantee a far better pay than is the norm in most other sectors, even at entry level. With the added room for growth, there is also more room for a satisfactory raise!

-    Chance of a good work-life balance
Many finance professionals are able to manage their hours as they deem fit, allowing them to organise their schedule for the right balance of work and personal time. This could be you!

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